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Power went in and out a lot tonight, smelled something burning in the computer room. Eventually my nose led me to the computer, a quick cracking open of the case showed the graphics card's fan had melted entirely out of the housing and fallen out. Thank goodness for motherboard graphics chips.

Consolidation, Not Competition

Republicans claim to support the free market, except when they don't. Recently this has been characterized by the Republican mock outrage at the Obama Administration's proposed Public Option Health Care system.

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Movie Reviews

Just a few movies I've watched recently that I thought I'd comment on:

You're Welcome America: I'm one of those people who likes Will Ferrell, but this was about two years too late.

The International: Billed as a thriller, The International was a dragging waste of time. It had just enough excitement to keep me conscious during the movie, but not nearly enough to keep me interested. That's what you get when your bad guys are bankers. Maybe for the sequel they'll roll out the evil life insurance agents.

Push: Not nearly as bad as I expected, Push would still manage to be complete trash if it weren't for the awesome performance of Dakota Fanning. Camilla Belle isn't nearly as charming, and Neil Jackson's thuggish, idiotically violent Victor nearly ruins the movie. Dakota Fanning needs to work more, in case she grows up and stops being quite as charming like Natalie Portman.

He's Just Not That Into You: I'm just not into this movie. Despite a stellar cast, the movie never seems to settle into a proper pace and suffers for it. Ben Affleck delivers a better than imagined performance in it though, along with Justin Long. Also, Jennifer Connelly is gorgeous, as always. I wish the writer had decided to take nearly any of the separate stories in the movie and made just one good one, rather than try to shove the seemingly random plot threads this on has into the same hour and a half.

Land of the Lost: If you really remember the original series with any sense of reverence you need to seek professional help. The new remake of Land of the Lost isn't exactly high art, but it was an acceptable, frivolous and quirky way to waste an hour or so. Lots of pointless shots of Anna Friel's cleavage in this, which makes me think that the Director and I are probably on the same page, too.

Crank 2: High Voltage: I like the original Crank. The sequel made me appreciate the acting of Ling Bai.Simply awful.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai: Rewatched this for the umpteenth time the other day. I don't know why, but it's one of my favorite movies.


Movies They Should Make

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Quantum of Solace

They grew up together to become Her Majesty's crack team of lesbian misogynist assassins. They've been betrayed and the woman they passed around for decades is dead. The only thing left is revenge, and maybe a dance number covering a song from Abba.



I saw the new series Glee the other night. Glee's Fox's summer replacement for good television, following the success of High School Musical (which I have not seen) with poorly written trash. Maybe it would have worked if it were substantially recast and pushed to HBO where they could add edge enough to balance out the camp, but really it's just written horribly. Who watches these things, besides myself I mean? Is anyone else quite so masochistic?

So anyways, let's try to find something nice to say about it anyways. Lea Michele and Jayma Mays were alright, but the rest of the cast was fairly useless and boring. If they'd had anyone at all to act against, their performances might have even been interesting. I love Jane Lynch, who stood out to me as the real star of Role Models, and I like that she's getting some work. However, all the bite that Lynch showed us in Role Models is wasted in Glee. It's a shame.

Finally, it's nice to hear Journey, no matter what. But no one can beat Steve Perry for vocals, so why didn't they feature the original song in the pilot? Heck, they could have begged him for a guest appearance as the pool guy. What are the people working on this show thinking?


Broken Expectations

I've played plenty of D&D in my several decades of gaming. Often I get a bit ahead of myself when I start getting all immersive when gaming with people who aren't used to me though. This can lead to exchanges like this:

"Why are we doing what this villager wants us to?"

"We're the good guys. We're full of smug."

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Wars aren't started by smart people, they're started by stupid people who seem smart. Most military procurement in the US is proposed by supposing the other guy is smart enough to be dangerous but stupid enough to start shooting. I think that's probably the right way of thinking - especially since we're clearly not above being the people starting wars ourselves if the timing suits us.


Kanye West


Word, Kanye. Word.


Spontaneous Dancing

This could never happen in the United States any more, because if everyone involved didn't get arrested it would only be because some jackass in a DHS uniform shot one of them. No more spontaneous dancing. The terrorists have won.